Cotton Dresses Plus

The ethics of cotton dresses plus ... join the fundamental principles of Fair Trade ... to make the consumer feel good about wearing such products. You will get excited by our natural dresses- some designed by names like STELLA MCCARTNEY, MAARISHI and ELSOM in the UK ... New York ... Paris, as more name-designers join the ethics & fashion movement.

GAIAM swingdress X only Jul101
Gaiam pocketdress cudbe maternity
GAIAM peasant dress XL Jul101

Natural bamboo and organic cotton dresses by GAIAM

GAIAM sleevelesscowlnecktankbubblehem XL Jul101
GAIAM pocketdress XL Jul103
GAIAM empirevneck XL JulSale101, Inc

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Have a 'stroll' through delightful cotton sleepwear plus

No matter the design, it all begins with the natural cotton ball. This is the simple beginning of the healthy fibres which make the beautiful clothing lines found in All Natural Clothing.

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